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We invest in sustainable enterprises


We investment responsibly looking to generate impact

At QORI Capital we have incorporated PRI and ESG criteria, as well as, the UN SDG’s into our DNA. We believe in the long term value of a sustainable and responsible investment strategy for our investments stakeholders.

QORI CAPITAL, committed to generating sustainable investments in Peru


We evaluate our investments following the environmental, social and governance guidelines established by ESG ensuring a portfolio focused on responsible investments.


The Sustainable development goals established by the UN are a guide for a more sustainable future. The 17 objectives consider the challenges we face globally today and are considered critical to ensure the world’s future. The goal, is to meet all 17 objectives by 2030. At QORI Capital, we are committed to generating awareness about the objectives and their relevance in all of our investments and encourage their consideration in all operations..


The Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI) were developed by investors for investors, They were created specifically to establish a more sustainable finance sector. The 6 principles contribute to the development and commitment to ESG focused strategies for more sustainable investments..


We are proud to be sponsors of Da Un Chance, a non for profit organization focused the educational development of the country. Since its creation in 2011, Da Un Chance has awarded over 30 scholarships in 8 private schools in Lima, Peru and has successfully seen two students graduate school and attend college.