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Responsible investments Redefined



An alliance created to promote a proven, successful investment model

QORI Capital collects years of experience from the professionals in the team and a platform of systems and work methodologies that meet the highest standards of the investment and asset management industry.


A company specialized in origination, structuring and investment management with a multi-disciplinary team with more than 100 years of combined experience and a renown trajectory internationally and in Peru.

We are a team focused on providing an alternative of transparent investments, with a responsible and sustainable approach for our investors and clients.


Our team has been responsible for originating and structuring more than US 1 billion in investments in the main productive sectors of Peru and have specific experience with the small, and medium sized enterprise sector. Our track record in times of boom and crisis of the past 25 years in Peru, It allows us to continue to identify opportunities.


We dedicate our resources to carefully evaluate every investment opportunity to ensure that they meet with the objectives of our investors, as well as, our ethical and responsible standards..


In QORI Capital we are committed to make a positive impact on our customers. We know the challenges of small and medium enterprises in Peru, so we accompany all our investments with supervision and strategic advice that translates into added value for our customers and minimizing risk for our portfolio.


During the investment process and administration, Capital QORI executes operations with transparently, responsibility and empathy.

We are a different financing alternative for clients, with personalized structures that enhance the sustainable growth of clients and mitigate the investment risks..

Additionally, we dedicate our economic resources and our time to supervise our investments and encourage best practices and responsibility with the community and environment.

At all times, QORI Capital executes operations in a diligent manner and consolidates a sustainable business model for its stakeholders.




Be the best option in Peru for traditional investments and alternatives, with a diligent and transparent management of assets and risks.


Be a leading asset manager known for its good practices and risk management and sustainability criteria while cultivating relationships built on trust, discipline, discipline, honesty, professionalism and a shared business vision.


Secure US$150MM of AUM by 2025 in a diverse investment portfolio, with low default rates and sustainable returns..


Our values

Integrity and Transparency

We seek to align incentives and interests with our stakeholders, It is clear and consistent at all times with our commitments.

Commitment and Discipline

We foster a culture of team work focused on honoring commitments, the continuous improvement of our functions, and the responsible management of risks.

Loyalty and bravery

We are not satisfied. We work and invest to find the best investment opportunities in Peru to support the growth of the country and safeguard the interests of our investment mandate.